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Shape open banking with us

Neonomics is offering a revolutionary way of doing payments and transfers within and between countries by connecting thousands of banks through one API.

About the opportunity

Neonomics is an open banking innovator giving the power of financial services back to consumers via the most advanced unified PSD2 API tech stack and bank API coverage map in Europe.

Our product is live and we’re working with many customers and partners today, but in order to continue our development, we are looking for account holders from different banks across Europe to test with, as many banks comply with different standards.

Each test is paid — 30 EUR/hour

What does the process look like?

Fill out the form below and wait for our representative to contact you and send you an agreement.
Sign it
Sign the agreement and send a copy back to us.
Our tech representative will contact you to schedule your testing session and will describe the scope of the test.
Test it
The test takes place with you and our tech representative.
Get paid
You get paid the next consecutive month. Et voila!

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  • You will receive a direct transfer to your bank account.
  • Yes, if for some reason you feel like you want to withdraw, you are able to do so at any given time.
  • During testing: We won’t be able to initiate any money transfer without you confirming it in your mobile banking app 
  • After tests: We won’t have any access to your account.
  • We are a licensed financial institution, so we have high-security standards in place.
  • Authorize (in your mobile banking app) a low amount payment (usually 1 EUR/USD/NOK/any currency) – and we will send that amount back together with your paycheck 
  • Authorize (through mobile banking app) us to see your transactions 
  • It can take anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour – possibly multiple times during the day depending on the test scenario (each authorization takes less than a minute – no longer than authorization of any regular bank transfer you initiate with your bank). If it takes less than an hour, you’ll still be paid 30 euros.
  • We will process your personal data in accordance the agreement for testing that you enter into (“the Testing Terms”), the General Terms of Use for the use of Neonomics’ Services, our Privacy Policy and the GDPR.
  • The personal data that is related to using our Services as part of the testing, will be processed as set out in our General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Any personal data that is processed directly as a result of testing, for example screen shots of errors incurred, or personal data that is included in the test results will be anonymized or otherwise deleted once the testing session is finished.
  • During testing: Each time we try to retrieve information, you will be asked to authorize any action we initiate, which we will discuss with you prior to testing.
  • We anonymize or otherwise delete all your personal data stemming directly from the testing session or include the tests results. We will pay you the agreed charge and will reimburse you for the money you have transferred using your account.
  • We are regulated TPP, which means we are a licensed legal financial institution. Before testing, we will enter into a formal agreement with you, the “Testing Terms”. You will have to consent to each transaction we wish to initiate from your account, so you will be in control.
  • In some cases, there are bugs that we must fix (hence, testing) – then we would ask you to do the second round with us to confirm the fix is correct.